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San Diego Comic-Con 2018 - Splat's Top Cosplay Picks

SDCC Deadpool Cosplay

San Diego Comic-Con 2018 excited fans by reporting new information with trailers revealing Fantastic Beats 2 Footage, Venom new footage, and more. What’s exciting about San Diego Comic-Con is not only the reveals, demos, and announcements, but the attendees as well. They celebrate their passion for comics, television, movies, and more by not only attending this con, but dressing up in cosplay for it as well.

SDCC Zoolander Cosplay
Photo by J. Rulison (IG: @jrulison)

In the beginning of Day 1, there were not many cosplayers, but Jrulison was able to shoot a few of all ages. In the light blue hair, is Bulma from Dragon Ball Z which brought nostalgia from the 90s. Then you have a well done Deadpool cosplay (compared to many we have seen in the past) with all accessories, weapons, and battle details of wear. There were also a few kids enjoying San Diego Comic Con by running around, play fighting while wearing their favorite costumes. Another fun aspect of observing cosplayers would be their own rendition of a character. Here we have a female version of The Joker from the Batman series. Lastly, there was a fun pair of cosplayers who switched sexes in characters: a male Tinker Bell and female Peter Pan.

SDCC Cosplayer
Photo by J. Rulison (IG: @jrulison)

Throughout San Diego Comic-Con 2018, there were many astonishing news. Andrew Lincoln who plays “Rick Grimes” of The Walking Dead has confirmed that he will be leaving the show after Season 9 during The Walking Dead panel. It was explained that he would have to leave his family to film in Georgia every year and it was difficult to do so for about a decade. Another reveal that was very exciting was the Aquaman trailer. It seemed that the most exciting part of the trailer was a sneak peak of Aquaman in a costume that resembled very much like the classic costume from the comic book series, which included green and orange scales. Fans reacted excitedly for this preview.