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Splat True Hair Color Campaign - Colorful Hair

Splat Colorful Hair


Featuring Ali Caldwell, Studio Singer and Artist @iamalicaldwell

Featuring Kat Redner, Fasion Photographer and Martial Artist @Martialkat

Splat True Color Web Series Episode 1


Upcoming Premiere! Watch and chat live with other viewers as this upload is shown for the very first time.

Hair is part of every person’s identity so what does colorful hair mean? The answer to that can be an endless array of expressions. Splat is diving deeper into the meaning of colorful hair by going one-on-one with talented influencers from YouTubers to martial artists who identify themselves not only with their talents but with their colorful hair as well.

This month, Splat will be launching a campaign called #TRUECOLOR. This campaign is a mini web series of interviews with inspirational influencers discussing true identity through their “True Color”. In the web series, each influencer will be talking about what they do, why they do it, and of course, how their colorful hair is part of their true identity.

Bold hair color is not just a hair trend. In a way, colorful hair is turning into a lifestyle in which we actively choose to express ourselves. Colorful hair is a commitment we make for ourselves simply because we feel that it is our #TRUECOLOR. When someone makes the decision to change their hair color, there is usually a reason behind it whether it may be a new chapter in your life or a change in yourself. We want to hear those stories and share them.

If you have a story, send them over to [email protected] or call 1-866-SPLAT20 or simply post them on our social sites with #TRUECOLOR and #SPLATSQUAD.

Can’t wait to hear them! 


Best Music Festival Hair - Colorful Hairstyles for Festivals

Splat Music Festival Hair

It’s that time of year again where our skin need sunlight, our ears need live music, and our hearts long to be free. Music festival season is all about inspiration and to simply have fun! Coachella is around the corner along with other music festivals and we’re about to give you our take on some of our favorite colorful music festival hair ideas.

  1. Glitter Roots

    Sprinkling glitter on your roots/hair, body, and face will definitely make you stand out within the crowd.
    Music festivals are meant to be loud musically and visually! So be generous with the glitter! We
    recommend getting bigger glitter to have more of a pop and sparkle to your look like the one below.

    Glitter Roots

  2. The Classic of the Coachella Hair Ideas: The Dutch

    We call this the “O.G.” of Coachella hair ideas. Music festivals can get really hot so having you hair
    braided tightly will help keep you cool. One of our favorite looks is, of course, Kylie Jenner’s rainbow
    dutch braid of pink, blue, yellow, and lime green.

    Dutch Braid

  3. The Top Bun

    This is one of the easiest hairstyles you can do for Coachella (and it should only take about 5-10 minutes).
    One of our favorite top bun looks is below. We love the color transitions from blue, to violet, pink, orange,
    and yellow. Finish it off with a small braid on the side, and glitter with hairspray on the other side.

    Top Bun